About Us

Green Granite & Marble LTD proudly presents its flagship furniture Brand into Bangladesh. The Company will be the first of its kind to specialize only in customisable furniture with unique ideas and designs.Out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to the marketplace. Our company provides strong designs that excel at meeting all core requirements, together with a huge array of options, choices, price points and scales so customers can specify the best possible solution.


Our Vision and Message

ORO Furniture is above all a piece of furniture that has a unique personality, made of multiple personalities: the creator who imagined it, with its share of talent, daring and inventiveness, and your share of personality, freedom, creativity. Choice of shapes, colour, leather and wood finishes. Each piece of furniture becomes a unique and exclusive piece, only designed for you. ORO furniture, it is also a responsible piece of furniture, inscribed in a logical approach of respect of the materials worked and the world which surrounds us. Becoming better every day, constantly seeking ways to reduce the impact on our environment is a natural constant in our behaviour.